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Meeting Room Rentals

The Winter Park Public Library’s meeting rooms are valuable assets to the community. To insure optimum enjoyment of these facilities by all, everyone using them must adhere to the following policy and regulations.


  • The Library’s meeting rooms are open to all groups and organizations.
  • The Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees are authorized to deny permission to use Library rooms to any group that is disorderly or violates the regulations.
  • Rental of the Library’s facilities by a group or organization does not imply endorsement of the group or organization’s purpose or philosophy.  The organization shall not use or appear to use the name, logo, photo, etc., of the Winter Park Public Library as an endorsement.
  • The use of the Winter Park Public Library in no way implies or suggests sponsorship or endorsement of this program by the Library.         


How to Rent a Room

 Contact the Library Administration Office by calling (407) 623-3278 or e-mailing A tentative reservation will be made over the phone, if the room is available, and a “Meeting Room Agreement” will be sent to the responsible person. For a confirmed reservation, the signed form and payment must be returned to the Library at least two business days before the meeting.  In order to confirm your reservation, return the “Meeting Room Agreement”  contained on the last page of this pdf and payment as soon as possible. 


 Our Meeting  Rooms 



Full Day Cost

Per Hour Cost

Community Room (first floor)

60 maximum occupancy



Community Room set up "Auditorium style"

Community Room empty without any set-up


Conference Room

16 maximum occupancy



Conference Room


Melanson Room

30 maximum occupancy



Melanson Room as seen from front of the room

Melanson Room as seen from the back of the room

NOTE:  Arrangements for equipment and/or setup must be made with the Administrative Office in advance. This includes requests for equipment, number and placement of tables and number
and configuration of chairs. The Library staff does not operate any equipment for groups.  It is the responsibility of the group to have a competent, trained person there to run the equipment.

Room Room Configuration Capacity
Community Room (first floor) Theater 60
  Classroom 36
  Board Room 28
  U-Shape 15
Conference Room (second floor) General Purpose 16
Melanson Room (third floor) Theater 30
  Classroom 16
  Board Room 16
  U-Shape 16


Additional Fees

  • Overstay Fee $30 applies to those rentals that are booked to end when the Library closes. If the renters stay past closing time, this fee will be charged.
  • Cancellation Fee $30 applies when renter fails to notify the Library Administrative Office of cancellation two business days prior to the scheduled room rental date.
  • Room Cleanup Fee $30 applies when the staff of the Library needs to clean a room after a meeting, i.e. vacuum the floor. Renters do not need to take out trash or rearrange tables and chairs.
  • Collection Agency Fee $15 applies when renters do not pay the room rental invoice amount within 90 days after the room rental date.



  • Meetings may be held during Library hours. The hours are Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.; and Sunday 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
  • No admission may be charged, nor may donations be collected or requested, except by government authority. Membership and payment dues may not be solicited in the Library building. Direct sales of items are not allowed.
  • Handouts with a profit-making organization's name, logo or trademark (except for business cards) may be distributed in the rental room only.
  • Renters can bring in their own food and beverages, but must be responsible for clean-up. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Smoking is not allowed by city ordinance.
  • The room must be left in a neat, clean and orderly condition. If these conditions are not met, a room clean-up fee of $30 or the actual cost of cleaning, whichever is higher, will be charged and notice will be given to the group. Organizations holding meetings assume responsibility for any damage to rooms, contents or equipment used and will be charged for any necessary repairs or replacement.
  • Cell phone conversations are allowed in the meeting rooms. On the third floor, which is our quite floor, we ask that you refrain from having conversations in any of the public spaces, including the rest rooms and stairwells.
  • The following disclaimer must be announced at the beginning of all meetings: "The use of this facility in no way implies or suggests sponsorship or endorsement of this program by the Winter Park Public Library."
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