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Our tradition of excellence will live on because of thoughtful individuals like you.

Planning a Gift
A planned gift is a charitable contribution of any asset that directly benefits you as well as the service organization worthy of your investment. As a friend of the Winter Park Public Library, you can make a significant charitable impact by structuring a gift that reduces your tax liabilities while permanently endowing Library programs that you and your family have enjoyed and would like to share with others.

Though bequests and wills are the most prominent sources of planned gifts, contributions of securities, tangible property, real estate, and life insurance benefit the Library today and can provide you with even greater tax deductions. Charitable gift annuities allow you to give cash or an asset in return for a life income paid by our organization.

One of the most advantageous ways to defer a gift is by naming the Library as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. An IRA or similar plan might be your largest asset after your house, but can be the most heavily taxed asset after death. A charitable contribution of these funds could benefit your loved ones while perpetuating the programs that you value most. If you have already begun receiving your RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions), you can designate them directly to the Library and reduce your present income tax liability.

As you make sound decisions for your financial future, you can ensure the future growth of the Winter Park Public Library. We would be honored to help you craft a gift that advances your family’s philanthropic objectives.

The Heritage Society
The Heritage Society was established in the Library’s 125th anniversary year to inspire gift planning and to honor those individuals who are dedicated to perpetuating the Library’s work. The Society promotes gifts that build Library endowments and provide for the long-range stability and growth of this important community resource. Members of the Society are friends of the Library who have contributed a major cash gift, an endowment gift, or a planned gift that will benefit the Library at some future time.

We Are Here to Assist You
Planning a gift makes good sense and can be easy when you are aware of the tax advantages and giving opportunities. We encourage you to speak with your legal and financial advisors as you plan for the future.

Please contact us at the number below if we can recommend a qualified advisor or assist you in any way. Our development professionals can help you design a gift strategy that is right for you.

Put your resources to work for a better tomorrow!
Contact Phyllis Corkum, Development Coordinator, at or 407-623-3277.

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