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The Toggery

When Al Litz Beasley opened The Toggery in 1949, he was only 19 years old.  His keen sense of business and ability to spot fashion trends made his store a popular place for fashion conscious shoppers.  It was also a favorite place for Winter Park High School and Rollins College students to shop.  The Toggery was located at 342 Park Avenue South and specialized in conservative "preppy" style clothing as well as classic, career clothing for men.

In 1975, Mr.Beasley sold The Toggery to John Dixon.  Al Litz Beasley died September 8, 1976.

In an article published in the Winter Park Outlook, March 8, 1990, John Dixon said, "Winter Park is changing with the major work force moving to downtown (Orlando) or Maitland making it difficult for customers to shop for clothing on the Avenue during the week.  Our downtown (Orlando) store in the Church Street Market will continue to serve the businessman."

According to Dixon, The Toggery would liquidate its present line of merchandise and re-open carrying a new inventory similar to that of Orvis and Golden Cricket, something that would to appeal to tourists.  A side shop located in The Toggery, called Wildlife and Executive Gifts, would remain open after the clothing portion closed.

By 1992 a bookstore, Park Books, opened and occupied the store.  Over the intervening years several businesses have occupied the store and currently (2003) C See is located there.

An undated photo of The Toggery.

An undated photograph of The Toggery, 342 Park Avenue South.

The Toggery advertisement that appeared in the 1964 Winter Park High School Towayam. The Toggery advertisement that appeared in the 1964 Winter Park High School Towayam.

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