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Edwin Osgood Grover  Professor of Books . . . publisher . . . poet  . . . family man

Although Edwin Osgood Grover was born in Minnesota on June 4th, 1870, his family relocated to New England shortly after his birth. His father, a Congregational minister, accepted a position as a pastor there. He graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in Vermont and later attended Dartmouth College, graduating in 1894.

Grover seemed destined to be involved in books in one manner or another. He started his career working for Ginn & Company of Boston, publishers of children's readers, primers and text books. He then moved on the Rand McNally in Chicago . . . until he started his own enterprise, the Prang Company. Then, in 1926, he was summoned to Rollins College by then college president, Hamilton Holt. Holt himself had only arrived in Winter Park in 1925, but he decided early on to create the position of "Professor of Books" . . . and he offered this appointment to Edwin Osgood Grover.  Grover taught numerous courses in reading and literature. Throughout the years, Grover held many positions at Rollins. In 1927, President Holt created The Animated Magazine, a magazine that featured the contributors presenting their pieces - live and in person.  Grover was at Holt's side, serving as the publisher for this new venture. The concept was quite popular, as each year throngs of people would come "see and hear" the magazine.

Grover retired from Rollins College after 21 years of service.  He went on to start his own publishing company, The Angel Alley Press. The company was best known for publishing books of poetry, including collections of poems written by Rollins' students.

Though retired, Grover continued to work for the good of the entire Winter Park community.  He was active in his church, and, with his wife, Mertie, created a day nursery for busy working mothers.  After his wife's untimely death in 1936, he requested that in lieu of flowers, gifts of money be given for the creation of the Hannibal Square Library, which was officially named Hannibal Square Public Library-Mertie Graham Grover Memorial. It opened on July 1, 1937. Both he and his wife strove to improve the lives of the residents of Winter Park's West Side, the historical home of the African-American community. Grover was also instrumental in acquiring the land for the creation of Mead Gardens.

Grover's family consisted of his wife, Mertie, and his children: daughters Frances and Hester, and one son, Graham. Mertie Graham Grover was struck by an automobile in 1936 and died a few days later from the injuries sustained in that accident. His son, Graham was killed in a train accident on Minnesota Avenue in 1940. His sister, Eulalie Osgood Grover, was the beloved author of the children's books, The Sunbonnet Babies series and the Overall Boys series.

Edwin Osgood Grover died on November 8th, 1965 at the age of 95.


Item: Photograph
Source: The Tomokan: The Rollins College Yearbook
Section: Academic Life: A study of the Conference Plan
Caption: "Conference Plan establishes a close and friendly relation between professor and student" - Dr. Grover
Date: 1938


Item: Poem
Title: Lyric Florida
Author: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: The Angel Alley Press, Winter Park
Date: c.1930

Item: Book
Title: My Little Book of Stevenson
Editor: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: P. F. Volland Company, Chicago
Date: 1924
Item: Photograph
Source: The Tomokan: The Rollins College Yearbook
Section: Here at Rollins: The Rollins Plan in word and picture
Caption: "A class in books with Dr. Edwin O. Grover"
Date: 1937

Item: Book
Title: Just Being Happy: A Little Books of Happy Thoughts
Editor: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: The Algonquin Publishing Company, New York
Date: 1913


Item: Booklet
Title: Four Creeds: Statements of Belief
Author: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: The Angel Alley Press, Winter Park
Date: c.1930


Item: Photograph
Source: The Tomokan: The Rollins College Yearbook
Section: Organizations: Concerning the activities of the students at Rollins
Caption: "The Publications Union Means Business"
(Dr. Grover is seated at the table, the second from the right)
Date: 1937

Item: Booklet of poems
Title: Dinna Forget: A bit of Scotch
Author: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: unknown
Date: unknown


Item: Letter
Envelope reads: West Side Friends: Letter of appreciation on the 94th birthday of Edwin O. Grover

Date: June 1964

Signatures on the letter:
Pearl T. Reed, principal Hannibal Elementary School
Mildred L. Wilkerson, Librarian
Francis W. Daniely, Secretary
Barbara J. Woodard
Edythe B. Gates
Mary K. Hall
Ruby L. Adams
Bettye Chapman
Roberta J. Bailey
Ruby M. Ball
Katie Wright
Letha Daugherty
Clarence O. Wilkerson

Item: Newspaper photograph
Source: The Winter Park Herald
Date: February 19, 1937
Item: Booklet of poems
Title: Down East and Up Along
Author: Edwin Osgood Grover
Publisher: The Angel Alley Press, Winter Park
Date: c.1930
Item: Newspaper article
Source: The Orlando Evening Star, Winter Park edition
Title: "Mead Botanical Gardens Founder Slates 92d Birthday Celebration"
Reporter: Virginia Loog
Date: May 30, 1962
Item: Photograph of one-time Grover home at 567 Osceola Avenue
Source: The Junior League Magazine
Section: Real Estate
Date: December 1989

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