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Picture of Morse the Peacock.

. . . I will be your guide as you explore Winter Park, Florida history. I know a lot about this town because my great-great grandparents were the first peacocks to live in Winter Park.

One of Winter Park's founders was Charles Hosmer Morse. His granddaughter, Jeanette, adopted two peacocks. They were my great-great grandparents. They lived at her home on Interlachen Avenue for a short time.

Unfortunately, they woke up very early every morning and let the entire neighborhood know that it was time to get up! Not everyone wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn! So, Jeanette moved the pair to a beautiful area of Winter Park called Genius Drive. Genius Drive was far out in the country at that time. It was a great place for noisy peacocks to live and raise a family!

My family loved their new home among the orange trees, the oak trees, and the beautiful flowers and lakes. They grew in numbers and were very happy there. So happy, in fact, that they would strut about and display their beautiful feathers. Jeanette and her family would invite visitors to come and drive around Genius Drive. Those visitors enjoyed seeing my family and the beautiful scenery.

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