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About the Grant:

Since 1992, the Winter Park Public Library and the Olin Library at Rollins College have joined together to award an annual research grant for the study of Winter Park history. This grant is made possible by a joint bequest by the estate of Dr. Rhea Marsh Smith. The main goal of the $3,000 research grant awarded to the contest winner is to encourage scholarly research on some aspect of Winter Park. The contest is open to students, professors, or interested members of the community. The range of possible topics is unlimited and may be either historical or current in nature. The major portion of the research is done from primary sources with the two institutions sharing the results. In keeping with the spirit of the Smiths' lifelong commitment to Winter Park's cultural and intellectual life, the sponsors of the contest also encourage the winners to use the momentum generated from this grant to continue their interests in the city's history.

For information about applying for the Smith Grant, please contact Dr. Ruth Edwards at 407-623-3309.

Previous Recipients:

Year: Recipient: Topic:
2015 / 16 Dr. Paul Butler The Life & Times of Theodore Mead:
The Man Behind the Mead Botanical Legacy Garden in Winter Park
2014 / 15 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2013 / 14 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2012 / 13 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2011 / 12 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2010 / 11 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2009 / 10 N/A No grant awarded this cycle. 
2008 / 09 Dr. Denise Cummings Of Beauty and Coherence:
The Morse-Genius-McKean Legacy to Winter Park's Art, Architecture & Landscape
2007 / 08 Grady McClendon The Nearly Lost Legacy of Peter C. Samwell, Winter Park Architect
2006 / 07 Dr. Vibert White Pullman Porters of Winter Park, Florida
2005 / 06 Robin Chapman Irving Bacheller: The Man Who Saved a Town
2004 / 05 Nancy Shelton Heroic Measures: Winter Park Philanthropist John M. Tiedtke
2003 / 04 Dr. Rebekah McCloud Across The Tracks: A Collective History of Black Churches of Winter Park
2002 / 03 Dr. Hugh Bartling Comprehensive Planning in Winter Park: Exploring the History of the Future
2001 / 02 Dr. Maurice O'Sullivan Bucklin Moon In Winter Park
2000 / 01 Kimberly T. Mould Ideal Woman's Club and the Woman's Club of Winter Park
1999 / 00 Nina McGuire Annie Russell and the Theatre in Winter Park
1998 / 99 Rick Foglesong Winter Park and the I-4 Controversy
1997 / 98 Heath Nailos Land, Fruit, Tourists, and a College: How Winter Park Survived the Great Depression.
1996 / 97 Fairolyn Livingston Biography of the W. B. Simpson and F. R. Israel Families
1995 / 96 Sondra L. Ickes Biography of Winter Park Artist and Horticulturist Wilhelmina "Billie" Greene
1994 / 95 Peter Schreyer Photographic Essays of Winter Park's Westside
1993 / 94 Patrick W. McClane James Gamble Rogers II: Residential Architecture in Winter Park

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